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Just keeping the lights on?

shutterstock_132108521Are IT Departments in HEIs failing to innovate?

This post has been written by Ed Schlesinger, the founder of studentforce.com LLC, a student centric solution available to universities’ as an enterprise solution

There are one hundred seventy million (170,000,000) Higher Ed students on earth.

One hundred seventy million (13,038.412) opportunities to delight, enlighten, broaden horizons, educate, collaborate, inspire, spark innovation, teach/learn a trade, travel abroad, and otherwise experience fully, the ‘right of passage’ from full-time student to full-time economic and/or civic contributor; dependent teen to independent adult. 

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MOOCs: Madness or Magic?

shutterstock_51879511So, aside from the strange acronym, which for those who don’t know, means massive open online course, Moocs are free, online courses aimed at large-scale interactive participation and open access via the web. In addition to more traditional methods of teaching, Moocs are also leveraging the power of the social web – providing interactive forums to build communities for students and lecturers.

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