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On the private versus public cloud debate

Some think private clouds lack the breadth their public cloud cousins have in terms of scale, so does this mean the end of the private cloud? Will perceived enhanced security be the private cloud’s saving grace?

Firstly, not all private clouds and public cloud infrastructures/data centers are alike, and neither are the software solution providers running on these infrastructures. Meaning: the capabilities (and relative advantages and disadvantages) of these public and private cloud options can vary widely, based on the specific software and/or data center provider.

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Our predictions for ERP in 2014

shutterstock_140628874As we begin a new year, it is customary to consider what might unfold in the year ahead.

We are in a period of massive technology driven disruption in the ERP market. Cloud, analytics, mobile and social developments are driving huge change in the demands of customers and workforces alike, and they will revolutionise ERP. Here are some thoughts from UNIT4 on what the ERP market can expect in 2014.

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