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Cloud Clinic: Data liberation beyond the ERP delivers increased efficiencies

Cloud Clinic: Data liberation beyond the ERP delivers increased efficiencies and unrealized savings (part 2)

In this article we invite Steve Cobley, Managing Director at Buandra to talk about cloud ERP.

Welcome to the second part of this series on Data Liberation. You may recall from the first article, I highlighted the need to broaden your horizons on applications, but ensure that the ability to liberate data was at the forefront. Keep it simple, and ask the key question of whether you hold this information anywhere else, and if so how do I share it. Continue reading

On the private versus public cloud debate

Some think private clouds lack the breadth their public cloud cousins have in terms of scale, so does this mean the end of the private cloud? Will perceived enhanced security be the private cloud’s saving grace?

Firstly, not all private clouds and public cloud infrastructures/data centers are alike, and neither are the software solution providers running on these infrastructures. Meaning: the capabilities (and relative advantages and disadvantages) of these public and private cloud options can vary widely, based on the specific software and/or data center provider.

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ERP Series 1: Why use ERP and what are the benefits of an ERP solution?

Welcome to the first in a series of articles highlighting the benefits of ERP, and explaining the key trends around ERP – why should you be interested in social capabilities for example? These are my views – I may not cover everything, and if you think I’ve missed out a key trend or disagree with what I’ve said, feel free to comment below and join the debate! Dave Turner Continue reading