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Change hits education ‘like an avalanche’

Essay on change in the Education sector

An impressive essay on the changes hitting the higher education sector globally should send a chill through anyone involved in the sector today. Entitled ‘An Avalanche in Coming‘,  and published by the UK-based Institute for Public Policy Research, it sums up powerfully the wide range of challenges facing education institutions, and the new ones to come.

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Top mistakes made when choosing ERP

shutterstock_105655442Believing all software is the same

There are big differences between software vendors, just because they seem like they have the biggest market share, doesn’t mean that they can fulfill all your business requirements. Make sure you know all the business critical elements you need, and make sure your vendor can deliver ALL of them. Continue reading

The only way is… change?

shutterstock_90795125Australian universities must evolve in order to survive

A new report by Ernst and Young, forecasts a range of problems for Australian institutions if they stick with their outdated model.

Universities down under have a fairly traditional approach to Higher Education, with the standard model being one of a broad based teaching and research institution, ‘supported by a large asset base and a large, predominantly in-house back office’.

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