ERP Series 4: Why ERP should be social?

In the latest of the series of ERP articles, I look at why ERP systems – and their users – should be embracing social networking tools. At first glance it’s not an obvious marriage – the ‘boring, back office’ systems that run your accounting, procurement, HR and other admin processes, and the dynamic world of social networking, buzzing with the latest and greatest ways to gossip about celebrities and share pictures of your latest gastronomic delight.  Continue reading


Empowering the customer with agile systems (part 1)

Empowering the customer with agile systems in the research costing environment: the landscape for research funding is constantly changing

The most important aspect of any application for research funding has to be the scientific case for support. This is where academics need to focus their intellect and energy to propose the best ideas for their research. Continue reading


UNIT4 gets on its bike again in aid of The Prince’s Trust

UNIT4 gets on its bike again in aid of The Prince’s Trust as it also welcomes Le Tour de France to Yorkshire

Highlights include:

  • Harrogate office joins The Yorkshire Grand Départ celebrations
  • UK team prepares for The Prince’s Trust Palace to Palace Continue reading

Recruiting and retaining millennials – are you socially aware?

For millennials, the cloud is already very much a reality. As they move into the world of business, they will expect their experience with technology at work to mirror their experience at home. We have to start thinking differently if we want to recruit and retain tomorrow’s talent. Continue reading