According to IDC, less than half of European Enterprises are ready for cloud…

…but what is holding us back and why are we lagging so far behind our US counterparts? In a new survey released this week, 304 European IT staff admitted to low levels of confidence: Continue reading


UNIT4 is on the road to showcase the best in software

The UNIT4 events team has a busy few weeks ahead. UNIT4 is sponsoring EDUCAUSE 2014 and ARMS Conference 2014 in collaboration with Australian partner S1 Consulting. We are looking forward to catching up with customers, partners and industry contacts in Orlando and Canberra. Our UNIT4 teams around the world are also hosting customer user events in Edinburgh, Las Vegas and Oslo. Continue reading


Way Beyond Social (1): How the Platform Economy Impacts Business and IT

There has been much talk on how the Internet has changed the way we do business. How social media has turned the relationship between organisations and their target audience into an interactive one. Mobile devices have opened up new ways to engage with consumers, and by gathering and analysing data we can better deliver the services they want. Continue reading


Four considerations when choosing an integrated cloud application

Are you cloud savvy? CIOs (chief information officers) should ask themselves this question. The answer will probably be something like: of course, I am a CIO and know all about technology. So I am technology savvy. That’s nice, but cloud savviness involves more than just technology.  Continue reading


Why small and midsize businesses (SMB) should consider the cloud? (Part 2)

In part 2 of the series Simon Porter, Vice President, IBM Mid Market Sales, Europe discusses what the key points are which need to be taken into consideration by business around the world before adopting the Cloud. Continue reading