Elastic Foundation

As the naming implies the Elastic Foundation provides configurability of the underlying data model. The majority of enterprise systems allow for a certain level of data object attribute enrichment by means of user-defined fields, which in People Platform terminology is referred to as Flexi-Fields. Typically user-definable fields support limited data types, and have a constraint in terms of the number of fields you can define per business object. Continue reading


A new look for Unit4

Today is the day that Unit4 embarks on a new phase, one that is based on a clear strategy and new products to be launched on the 26th. Our new branding shows the new Unit4, our aspirations and our passions. Changing our look is not just cosmetic – it visualizes our commitment to offering business solutions that are designed for the people using our applications, making technology bend to people and not the other way around. Continue reading


Personal Experience – the user interface

At Unit4 we approach software development as if our applications are the user’s colleagues. We consider the users’ needs very carefully and how we can create a simple but great experience for them. We always ask ourselves in the software design process: ‘what is the personal (latent) need of a specific user’, ‘how can we, as their software colleague, answer their questions in the same way human interaction takes place’ and ‘how do we communicate our answers to the end-user so he/she understands without further explaining’. Continue reading


Unit4 one of the most powerful technology companies in government

Unit4 was recently chosen as one of the 10 most powerful technology companies in government by CIO Story. The annual listing published in March showed UNIT4 as a powerful ERP solution for the Public Sector. Continue reading