Five business software priorities for 2015

2015 will be a year of setting priorities, for business software users and vendors alike. At a time of digital re-imagining in the workplace, there is much to do to keep the next generation of workers and customers happy. Industries are being challenged by disruptive new business models so it’s imperative they make the right technological decisions. Continue reading


Five Steps to the Cloud (Part 1)

More and more organizations recognize that with cloud technology a new platform for innovation has emerged, and are moving to run many of their systems in the cloud. Running cloud services can contribute to the flexibility, scalability and transparency of organizations. Moreover, the move to cloud services frees up the IT department to work on innovative and strategic projects that add value across the business. Continue reading


Climb inside your customer’s skin and walk around in it

Software. No longer just large transactional systems for organizations. It is now critical for people to get on with their day and the lifeblood of organizations to run their business smoothly in today’s fast paced environment by automating business processes, creating and analyzing data and harmonizing and integrating departments together to run like a well-oiled machine. That’s why year after year, the software industry is on an upward trend with no end in sight. The next best thing is always being developed, whether it’s the home of the future from Microsoft, IBM’s lithium-air battery or wearable ERP technology. As long as software vendors keep evolving their solutions to meet people’s ever changing needs, the stride will continue rapidly. Continue reading


UNIT4 provides platform for best practice client engagement and service delivery

Highlights include:

  • System and process efficiencies contribute significant cost reduction
  • Australia’s largest staffing services company relies on UNIT4 for central system underpinning organization-wide transformation
  • World class system ensures best practice across 100 local and regional offices while supporting rapid expansion and growth

Continue reading


UNIT4 launches Global Partner Organization

Highlights include:

  • Accelerates growth and investment in partner ecosystem
  • Anwen Robinson promoted to lead Global Partner Organization
  • Helen Sutton appointed Managing Director UK & Ireland

UNIT4, the global leader in software solutions that enable business change, today announced the expansion of its global partner ecosystem, which is a key element of its corporate growth strategy. From 1st January 2015 two of its UK & Ireland executive management team will be promoted to new roles within the organization. Continue reading