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2014 will be a transformative year for public sector IT

shutterstock_131614676It’s that time of year, so here are UNIT4’s top technology predictions for the public sector in 2014:

1. Mobile

2014 will provide considerable opportunity for government bodies to move on from the hype and capitalise on the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace. A solid and secure enterprise mobility strategy for the back office sings to all the needs of the embattled public sector organisation seeking to reduce overheads but maintain services. This is especially true for organisations that have a large field force such as the emergency services or municipal government. The options for improved efficiency using mobile devices are impressive, from transforming health, well-being and care services delivered to the community in the field, , to police forces being rostered more effectively, to providing health and safety buffers as lone workers are tracked. Continue reading

What’s the secret ingredient in shared service success?

shutterstock_131744006We are delighted to welcome Paul Marriner to our blog. Paul gives us some invaluable advice on shared services, following his extensive experience at the UK cabinet office.

‘Earlier on this week I attended the FutureGov summit in Canberra, an event which brings together senior public servants from Australia, to collaborate on the latest ICT developments impacting government service delivery.

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Open Data to improve patient care?

shutterstock_54597235Open Data is a hot topic at the moment, with surveys and articles ranging from the best place to set up a Data Centre (which is the US, if you were wondering), analysis of the Shakespeare Review, and myriad questions about the benefits of data transparency.

But what’s the reality of this for the healthcare industry, one that would surely benefit from data sharing?

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