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The technology opportunity for Higher Education

Globally the higher education landscape seems to be moving faster and faster. Domestic Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are not just ‘competing’ (for want of a better word ) with each other, they are also fighting additional fronts as further education and global institutions look to attract the same body of students. Add to this the continued threat of reduced funding and the task faced by VCs and their operations staff is indeed challenging. Simply put educators are going to have to do better, to attract the students with less.

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Three Rivers Systems and Unit4 will deliver 1st next-generation ERP for Education

Today we made the exciting announcement that we have acquired Three Rivers Systems, a leading U.S.-based enterprise solutions provider for the Education market.

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CFO Strategic Empowerment Series 1 – The Business Empowerment Maturity Model Explained

Blog pic - CFO series 1Increasingly CFOs are elevating Finance’s value to their organization. They are assuming key roles in plotting their businesses’ strategic direction and influencing managers to take decisions to improve performance.

They are the ones who have, or should have, visibility of the key financial data their business needs to succeed. But what can the forward-thinking CFO do to cut through the vital day-to-day tasks that can prevent them from acting strategically?

In a series of blogs, Unit4 will explain how CFOs can measure their department’s maturity and use that insight to produce an action plan to focus resources to achieve maximum results.

They will look at how CFOs can move through the four stages of the business empowerment maturity model; standardize, optimize, predict and drive, by removing structural deficiencies, free up time for high value activities and scale support sustainably.

The first two blogs focus on how CFOs can minimize risk – first by structuring financial procedures and secondly by executing processes efficiently. The concluding two blogs deal with maximizing performance – first by deploying flexible real-time analysis and finally by providing an automated self-service model.

To find out where your departments is on the business empowerment maturity model and how you can drive improvement, click here now.

Sjoerd-Jaap Westra

Sjoerd-Jaap Westra

Within global marketing Sjoerd-Jaap is responsible for global product marketing for the 'Office of the CFO' suite. This suite contains solutions for transactional financial management, planning & control management, and financial performance management. After several years of presales consultancy experience within the ERP industry and ICT audit & advisory experience at KPMG, Sjoerd-Jaap joined UNIT4 in 2004. At UNIT4 he started as business consultant & business developer within the international business development team of CODA. His focus was on process control and risk management solutions for CFO offices, e.g. solutions for planning & budgeting, fast closing, consolidation & group reporting, and internal control statements. In 2009 Sjoerd-Jaap went to UNIT4 Accountancy as product manager for the annual reporting and auditing products, including the integration with document management solutions. In 2015 Sjoerd-Jaap joined the global product marketing team.

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3 Reasons Using Spreadsheets for Planning and Reporting Are a Drag on Your Business

Blog pic - CFO spreadsheetsFew outmoded business practices have as much inertia as the use of spreadsheets for planning and reporting. While the digital spreadsheet has proved remarkably resilient as a flexible input solution, it’s a poor fit for more advanced needs such as financial analysis, business budgeting and general planning.

1. Spreadsheets Don’t Scale

It’s a common belief among businesses that they simply don’t have enough data to pursue an alternative to spreadsheets. However, chances are that isn’t true, and it certainly won’t be true if the business continues to expand.

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David McAughtrie

David McAughtrie

David has been with Unit4 since 2013 and has worked closely on Unit4’s project management solutions in conjunction with our product managers and product marketing managers.

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2015 Tech predictions for Higher Education

With 2014 almost behind us, here are the top five tech things we think will transpire in the global Higher Education industry in 2015: Continue reading