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The new UNIT4 – 5 reasons to get excited about the future

At its UK customer conference in Edinburgh earlier this month UNIT4’s CEO José Duarte made no secret of the business’s ambition to lead the way in making technology more aligned with the seamless, convenient and easy to use digital lives we all enjoy in our home and leisure time. This move supports the fact many of us face the daily frustrations and challenges of ineffective, non-integrated and collaboration resistant business systems and solutions that seem to inhibit our ability to work optimally in any location, at any time, with disparate teams, or on any device. Continue reading

Guest blog: International ERP trends

In this article we feature Nick Gibson, International Sales Director – Education & Research at UNIT4. Nick discusses the top trends he has seen in ERP whilst travelling the world meeting Higher Education clients, attending events and through his career at UNIT4. Continue reading

Supporting global ERP customers (part 2)

In part 1 Iooked at the cultural differences in customers around the world when trying to support them. In this article I will discuss how security and international customers impact the customer service offered by UNIT4. Continue reading

Empowering the customer with agile systems in the research costing environment (part 2)

In the first part of this article author David West-Lewis looked at the important aspects of any application for research funding. Here he looks at how UNIT4 worked with the sector to provide support for the process.


In conjunction with the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, UNIT4 has developed a Research Costing and Pricing tool that allows research institutions to build up an accurate Full Economic Cost that incorporates the funding rules and the institution’s own rules into the costs.

Continue reading

Supporting global ERP customers (part 1)

At UNIT4 we have many large, international customers as well as those in just one country. The challenge of supporting these international installations falls to our support teams around the world. Ruth Howden, who runs the Global Support team for the UNIT4 Coda solution, describes how her team meets the demands of a worldwide customer base. Continue reading