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Five Steps to the Cloud (Part 2)

In part 1 I discussed the first steps to the cloud and in this part I discuss the remaining 4 steps to the cloud. Continue reading

‘Cloud, Your Way’ is the future and here’s why

We recently polled more than 400 business executives from our enterprise customers and they were clear when asked about cloud adoption that hybrid is the model for the foreseeable future and that they demand the choice to be able to deploy and consume each application as needed, either in the public or private cloud or on-premises. Continue reading

2015 will be the year of the digital switchover

2015 is set to be a stand-out year in one of the biggest shake-ups in business software we’ve ever seen. A new Gartner report titled: “Predicts 2015: ERP and Enterprise Applications in the Digital World” focuses on the requirement for ERP leaders to enable digital business to respond to “business moments” with greater and greater speed. Continue reading

Five business software priorities for 2015

2015 will be a year of setting priorities, for business software users and vendors alike. At a time of digital re-imagining in the workplace, there is much to do to keep the next generation of workers and customers happy. Industries are being challenged by disruptive new business models so it’s imperative they make the right technological decisions. Continue reading

Five Steps to the Cloud (Part 1)

More and more organizations recognize that with cloud technology a new platform for innovation has emerged, and are moving to run many of their systems in the cloud. Running cloud services can contribute to the flexibility, scalability and transparency of organizations. Moreover, the move to cloud services frees up the IT department to work on innovative and strategic projects that add value across the business. Continue reading