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This category looks at issues dominating all aspects of deployment – best practice and evaluation sits alongside comment.

Personal Experience – the user interface

At Unit4 we approach software development as if our applications are the user’s colleagues. We consider the users’ needs very carefully and how we can create a simple but great experience for them. We always ask ourselves in the software design process: ‘what is the personal (latent) need of a specific user’, ‘how can we, as their software colleague, answer their questions in the same way human interaction takes place’ and ‘how do we communicate our answers to the end-user so he/she understands without further explaining’. Continue reading

From UI to UX – the journey to self-driving enterprise IT

In this article Thomas Staven, Director of Corporate Product Management at UNIT4, writes the best user experience is when the machines do it all for you. Like cars, the era of self-driving enterprise IT is near. Continue reading

Give your clients a fishing rod and teach them how to fish

How is a fisherman like an accountant? Suppose you are a fisherman and you have been catching different kinds of fish for years and years. Your customers are willing to pay a fair amount for your fish so you’re living a happy life. Continue reading

The Heart of the Enterprise in the Digital Era

Digital business transformation has the world abuzz. New models! New threats! New opportunities!  We are obsessed with every exciting new-fangled thing that will skyrocket our organizations to unfathomable heights…or leave us a broken heap on the side of the launch pad. Time is moving faster and faster as we speak. Continue reading

Can you really fall in love with software? It’s all about genetics

Valentine’s Day is the day of love, sending flowers, cards, chocolates, maybe even jewelry to the person we love. Anonymous or not. We want to let that person know that we like him or her, hoping he or she feels the same way about us.

Continue reading