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Supporting global ERP customers (part 1)

At UNIT4 we have many large, international customers as well as those in just one country. The challenge of supporting these international installations falls to our support teams around the world. Ruth Howden, who runs the Global Support team for the UNIT4 Coda solution, describes how her team meets the demands of a worldwide customer base. Continue reading

Business-focused group reporting

Business-focused group reporting: Focus on the change process now that the technology exists

In this article we invite Kerstin Ollesson, Vice President and COO at Meritmind to talk about how modern technology and reporting tools can delivery quality data.  An increasing number of operational decision-makers demand analysis that is both faster and more business focused. Continue reading

Cloud Clinic: Data liberation beyond the ERP delivers increased efficiencies

Cloud Clinic: Data liberation beyond the ERP delivers increased efficiencies and unrealized savings (part 2)

In this article we invite Steve Cobley, Managing Director at Buandra to talk about cloud ERP.

Welcome to the second part of this series on Data Liberation. You may recall from the first article, I highlighted the need to broaden your horizons on applications, but ensure that the ability to liberate data was at the forefront. Keep it simple, and ask the key question of whether you hold this information anywhere else, and if so how do I share it. Continue reading