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4 ways your utilization can be optimized by breaking down silos

Information siols

The most successful professional services firms make profit a key metric across their organization. Giving all your teams visibility of how they impact the bottom-line can add up to $235,000 more profit per project, according to SPI Research.

This means breaking down the silos that exist between your project and resource teams and their colleagues in sales, HR and finance. Get this right and planning, budgeting, forecasting become trusted and you make optimizing consultants’ utilization a company-wide priority. Continue reading

Give your clients a fishing rod and teach them how to fish

How is a fisherman like an accountant? Suppose you are a fisherman and you have been catching different kinds of fish for years and years. Your customers are willing to pay a fair amount for your fish so you’re living a happy life. Continue reading

Complaints? What Complaints

There have been various stories in the press recently about the use of social media channels and sites like Trip Advisor by customers that have had a bad experience.   Continue reading

The new UNIT4 – 5 reasons to get excited about the future

At its UK customer conference in Edinburgh earlier this month UNIT4’s CEO José Duarte made no secret of the business’s ambition to lead the way in making technology more aligned with the seamless, convenient and easy to use digital lives we all enjoy in our home and leisure time. This move supports the fact many of us face the daily frustrations and challenges of ineffective, non-integrated and collaboration resistant business systems and solutions that seem to inhibit our ability to work optimally in any location, at any time, with disparate teams, or on any device. Continue reading

Once Again, Cheers to Our Travel Management Companies

The 2014 Travel Weekly Power List has been published and once again, our customers are well represented. The percentage fluctuates from year to year – mostly due to mergers and acquisitions (M&As), but this year 35% of travel management companies listed are using Sabre® CentralCommand™ with Agresso as their travel ERP solution to manage their back offices, and three of them are in the top five. Congratulations to all of our Travel Power List customers! Continue reading