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Port Coquitlam’s cloud adoption marks a significant change for public sector IT in Canada

Our announcement today heralds a significant advancement for public sector cloud adoption.

The City of Port Coquitlam, British Columbia has gone live with Unit4 Business World ERP and is the first Canadian municipality to host data in the cloud. The customer cites potential for cost savings, increases in full-service and support, and greater access to delivery specialists beyond what they could resource internally, as key cloud advantages.

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Serve your people and customers and they will serve you

The Services industry is big and growing fast. A wide range of companies like Netflix, Amazon, Airbnb, and Starbucks epitomize the digital economy having succeeded above competitors to deliver digital business model innovations and excellent service. Their success is the result of delivering flawless service which depends heavily on their people. The only way to support people to deliver this kind of service is through an infrastructure that helps them perform with excellence.

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Analytics will drive the business case for wearables

We’re at a huge juncture in the way enterprise IT systems are built, sold and used, and much of that focus is on analytics and creating services based on insights from real-time data. Analytics has to be at the heart of successful wearables.

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All CFOs have to be ‘digital’ and here’s why

Recently we’ve seen a lot of attention on the CIO and the CMO when it comes to bringing digital expertise to Boards. But what about the CFO? In today’s digital businesses, successful CFOs will have to share the burden whether they like it or not. That’s because it has fundamentally changed the way business is done and has impacted business models irreversibly. Continue reading

The new UNIT4 – 5 reasons to get excited about the future

At its UK customer conference in Edinburgh earlier this month UNIT4’s CEO José Duarte made no secret of the business’s ambition to lead the way in making technology more aligned with the seamless, convenient and easy to use digital lives we all enjoy in our home and leisure time. This move supports the fact many of us face the daily frustrations and challenges of ineffective, non-integrated and collaboration resistant business systems and solutions that seem to inhibit our ability to work optimally in any location, at any time, with disparate teams, or on any device. Continue reading