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Marketing Communications Executive at UNIT4 Group.

Twas the retail nightmare before Christmas

shutterstock_116928313And all through the high street, not a customer was silent….

It’s that time of year again where stores are overflowing with customers and retailers are overflowing with problems. We’re taking a look at the biggest issues and how they can be dealt with to keep that Christmas cheer.

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Are you ready for a fright?

When did software get so scary? Check out our infographic and see some real horrors!
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HE in 2020, as different as we think it’ll be?

shutterstock_94409428I’ve just read a report by the OBHE (Observatory on Borderless Higher Education) highlighting how it thinks things will have changed by 2020, and it’s not quite as dramatic as some of the other predictions I’ve seen, and have even been made by my colleagues!

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Student survival guide

shutterstock_83095513Calling all Freshers!

Phew, you’ve made it into uni! Now the fun starts. We’ve got a few tops tips to help you survive the first few weeks…

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Out of sight, out of mind

shutterstock_104583206How to make remote working, work

7/10 employees say they are more productive when they’ve been given the opportunity to work flexibly, whilst businesses are embracing the trend as it affects the way companies do business, changing their costs, savings and bottom line for the better.

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