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2015 Tech predictions for Higher Education

With 2014 almost behind us, here are the top five tech things we think will transpire in the global Higher Education industry in 2015: Continue reading

UNIT4 rated among the best for usability in Leader Quadrant

UNIT4 rated among the best for usability in Leader Quadrant of Nucleus Research ERP Value Matrix

Highlights include:

  • Nucleus Research publishes analysis of rapidly evolving ERP market landscape
  • UNIT4 rated among the best for usability, rewarding its accelerated focus on building new generation ERP
  • Customers will benefit from excellent user experience and enablement through social, mobile, analytics and cloud

Continue reading

Climb inside your customer’s skin and walk around in it

Software. No longer just large transactional systems for organizations. It is now critical for people to get on with their day and the lifeblood of organizations to run their business smoothly in today’s fast paced environment by automating business processes, creating and analyzing data and harmonizing and integrating departments together to run like a well-oiled machine. That’s why year after year, the software industry is on an upward trend with no end in sight. The next best thing is always being developed, whether it’s the home of the future from Microsoft, IBM’s lithium-air battery or wearable ERP technology. As long as software vendors keep evolving their solutions to meet people’s ever changing needs, the stride will continue rapidly. Continue reading

The scary truth about outdated ERP

How is your accounting department handling month end so far? Has the fear of the upcoming year end or quarter close gone way past Halloween spookiness? For non-UNIT4 customers this time of year can be quite a shock to the system, considering these spooky statistics for traditional and morbid enterprise systems. Continue reading

Why small and midsize businesses (SMB) should consider the cloud? (Part 2)

In part 2 of the series Simon Porter, Vice President, IBM Mid Market Sales, Europe discusses what the key points are which need to be taken into consideration by business around the world before adopting the Cloud. Continue reading