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7 relationships vital to a shared services organization’s success

In this article we invite Abbie Lewis, Writer at Shared Services Link to talk about shared services. In February, Susie West, Founder & CEO of Shared Services Link ran a webinar with Jamie Lyon, Head of Corporate Sector at the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) to explore the ‘7 relationships vital to a shared services organization’s success.’ Continue reading

Cloud is a Darwinian mutation, and it’s survival of the fittest

Cloud is the future of computing. I think we’re all agreed on that. Any business software company that doesn’t have a cloud strategy will go the way of the dinosaur. Having said that there are still conflicting messages centred upon cloud-based versus ‘on-premises’ business applications, where ‘on-premises’ describes a dying technology model, whilst applications in the cloud are at the forefront of progress.  Continue reading

Business-focused group reporting

Business-focused group reporting: Focus on the change process now that the technology exists

In this article we invite Kerstin Ollesson, Vice President and COO at Meritmind to talk about how modern technology and reporting tools can delivery quality data.  An increasing number of operational decision-makers demand analysis that is both faster and more business focused. Continue reading