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The research challenge in higher education

As funding models are changing for many universities, research as a strategic activity is receiving more attention. It can provide a reliable source of revenue and growth and also provide a competitive differentiator as the market expands and international institutions expand their reach.

Oxford and Cambridge Universities are taking a proactive management approach to research that other institutions can learn from. Glenn Swafford, Director of Research Services at Oxford and Paul Dampier, Director with responsibility for Business Systems used throughout research, teaching and administration at Cambridge, published an article this week in EDUCAUSE online talking about the challenges they face and the solution they have developed in partnership with UNIT4 to address the challenge of research costing and pricing.

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2014 will be a transformative year for public sector IT

shutterstock_131614676It’s that time of year, so here are UNIT4’s top technology predictions for the public sector in 2014:

1. Mobile

2014 will provide considerable opportunity for government bodies to move on from the hype and capitalise on the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace. A solid and secure enterprise mobility strategy for the back office sings to all the needs of the embattled public sector organisation seeking to reduce overheads but maintain services. This is especially true for organisations that have a large field force such as the emergency services or municipal government. The options for improved efficiency using mobile devices are impressive, from transforming health, well-being and care services delivered to the community in the field, , to police forces being rostered more effectively, to providing health and safety buffers as lone workers are tracked. Continue reading

Our predictions for ERP in 2014

shutterstock_140628874As we begin a new year, it is customary to consider what might unfold in the year ahead.

We are in a period of massive technology driven disruption in the ERP market. Cloud, analytics, mobile and social developments are driving huge change in the demands of customers and workforces alike, and they will revolutionise ERP. Here are some thoughts from UNIT4 on what the ERP market can expect in 2014.

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What could ERP do for your business?

shutterstock_150033791The selection of a new ERP system is probably the most critical IT decision your organisation will ever make. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are designed to simplify and automate almost every aspect of a company’s operations. Through a single system, company data and processes are integrated and managed. Often, ERP is seen as a way to implement important components of an organisation’s strategic plan.

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