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Group Marketing Director at UNIT4 Business Software with 20 years’ experience in international financial software & technology marketing, business development, product management and business management.

ERP Series 4: Why ERP should be social?

In the latest of the series of ERP articles, I look at why ERP systems – and their users – should be embracing social networking tools. At first glance it’s not an obvious marriage – the ‘boring, back office’ systems that run your accounting, procurement, HR and other admin processes, and the dynamic world of social networking, buzzing with the latest and greatest ways to gossip about celebrities and share pictures of your latest gastronomic delight.  Continue reading

ERP Series 1: Why use ERP and what are the benefits of an ERP solution?

Welcome to the first in a series of articles highlighting the benefits of ERP, and explaining the key trends around ERP – why should you be interested in social capabilities for example? These are my views – I may not cover everything, and if you think I’ve missed out a key trend or disagree with what I’ve said, feel free to comment below and join the debate! Dave Turner Continue reading