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Think your ERP is inflexible? But can’t be bothered to change it?

shutterstock_125768966A new report by Mint Jutras reflects the dangers of just doing nothing.

It’s no secret that ERP systems can be inflexible and unwieldy, with companies scrabbling to create modifications and workarounds to get the results they need from their software, rather than working with it to help them respond to fluctuations in the market.

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Is the sky the limit?

shutterstock_129262928The pros and cons of Cloud Computing

Huge amounts have been written about the usability and usefulness of cloud computing, so we’ve narrowed it down  to some quick, understandable points.

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Charity begins… in the Cloud?

shutterstock_111901871The Third Sector has been having a bit of a tricky time recently, with funding hit badly by the changing economic climate over the last few years. It needs to find ways of coping with this new ‘normal’, and approach the challenges flexibly and effectively; taking advantage of every avenue it can to increase awareness and donations.

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Welcome to the Cloud!


We’re running a short series on cloud, looking at topics such as how best it can benefit industry sectors, addressing the worries people have, illustrating the benefits and giving impartial tips for choosing a cloud vendor.

Dependent on the content the posts will be in different categories so make sure you follow the cloud tag to catch them all.

Change hits education ‘like an avalanche’

Essay on change in the Education sector

An impressive essay on the changes hitting the higher education sector globally should send a chill through anyone involved in the sector today. Entitled ‘An Avalanche in Coming‘,  and published by the UK-based Institute for Public Policy Research, it sums up powerfully the wide range of challenges facing education institutions, and the new ones to come.

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