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Top mistakes made when choosing ERP

shutterstock_105655442Believing all software is the same

There are big differences between software vendors, just because they seem like they have the biggest market share, doesn’t mean that they can fulfill all your business requirements. Make sure you know all the business critical elements you need, and make sure your vendor can deliver ALL of them.

Leaping too fast

Make sure you are aware of all the software available on the market, don’t just purchase once you’ve had one demo you like the look of.

Assuming that the software you choose will change when your business changes

When selecting software, many people believe that once they have bought a system, it should be able to adapt when the business changes its requirements.  This isn’t always the case. Many companies charge costly upgrades, and don’t have the agility your business will need.  Check out customer recommendations, and make sure you ask how the vendor has dealt with change in the past. 

Thinking the clock’s ticking

Make sure you know how long you can commit to the tender process, and be aware that it can be a lengthy one. Give yourself enough time to see all the options, and then you don’t have to leap in with the first one.

Viewing ERP as a Simple IT Project

Consult all the stakeholders – ERP isn’t just about IT, it involves all departments in your business. From payroll to recruitment and HR. Make sure you know what everyone needs so you can get the most from your software and your vendor from the outset.

Failing to understand the true cost of an ERP solution

Make sure you are aware of the licence, maintenance and upgrade costs, so you can develop an accurate and comprehensive budget, and aren’t stuck with a costly system you can’t afford to sustain.

To avoid making these costly mistakes, follow our tips to choose the RIGHT software for your organisation 

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