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Top mistakes made when choosing ERP

shutterstock_105655442Believing all software is the same

There are big differences between software vendors, just because they seem like they have the biggest market share, doesn’t mean that they can fulfill all your business requirements. Make sure you know all the business critical elements you need, and make sure your vendor can deliver ALL of them. Continue reading

How to select business software

IT selector

At a certain point in your life you realize that you need a (new) car.

Maybe because you just don’t feel like cycling to work everyday anymore; maybe because public transport just doesn’t do it for you; or maybe you just want one because your neighbour just bought one and he can’t stop talking about how great it is!

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East Meets West…


The cultural difficulties of the increasing partnerships between universities across the globe

We’ve been talking for the past few months about the increasing globalisation of universities across the globe. Many institutions are setting up campuses and creating partnerships with their counterparts on the other side of the world, to much success.

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Hey you! Get ON my Cloud!


Shaping the future of business?

Business outsourcing and web based collaboration have taken off with a bang since the recession, with bold statements like ‘all you need is an iphone’ coming from the industry press. 

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