Monthly Archives: October 2012

When is the right time to change your software?

shutterstock_112048115What hints should you look out for?

Expensive, time-consuming, complex… are words which normally spring to mind when businesses contemplate upgrading their software, and it’s for this reason that so many companies put up with cumbersome legacy systems for way longer than they should.

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The only way is… change?

shutterstock_90795125Australian universities must evolve in order to survive

A new report by Ernst and Young, forecasts a range of problems for Australian institutions if they stick with their outdated model.

Universities down under have a fairly traditional approach to Higher Education, with the standard model being one of a broad based teaching and research institution, ‘supported by a large asset base and a large, predominantly in-house back office’.

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Information is knowledge

graphNAO report slams poor reporting by the Treasury

In order to manage budgeting in UK Government, the NAO (National Audit Office) believes that there must be enough information made available about the cost benefit of resource spending, in order to know where money is being spent. And this is something that the Treasury is neglecting.

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City of Opportunity?

shutterstock_108894836London grabs the top spot (jointly with New York) as best financial city in the world.

Yesterday London clawed back its title, after falling several places in the last few years, in the Cities of Opportunity survey undertaken by PwC.

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ERP with no expiry date….

548260_450245525026886_540323303_nUNIT4 Sweden and The Swedish government: A partnership that works.

Yesterday saw our team in Sweden celebrate an ERP contract with their government that has spanned two decades. And ahead of the pack, for the nineties, the team ran and has continued to run, the several hundred government organisations in the cloud, on a single Agresso instance.

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