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Big Data or Big Brother?

shutterstock_94018429Getting to grips with the privacy implications of Big Data

Few are aware of just how much information is being captured about them in day to day life, from your credit rating, to your social calendar on facebook.

The idea that supermarkets can predict which of their customers are pregnant by studying their buying patterns is frankly quite un-nerving… In fact almost everything we do results in data being captured and stored by one or more third parties.

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Big Data. Big Problems?

shutterstock_104929805What is Big Data?

This is the first post in a series we’re running to give you some insider knowledge about Big Data, and the arguments that surround it, alongside the benefits it offers.

So a starter for ten… what exactly is Big Data?!

It’s a term that’s been thrown about, on and off for the last few years, and this year, it seems to be one of the buzz words in IT circles.

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