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HR software

shutterstock_93305569What is its role in the modern workplace?

For many years HR software has been seen as a tool for automation and control. But now the way we work has changed, with constant fluctuation in the world’s economy affecting businesses, it needs to become more synonymous with strategy… providing real value to those who are at the heart of the business. Systems shouldn’t be simply for payroll or absence; although they should incorporate all the benefits of traditional tools on the market, they should have evolved to provide processes with wider business worth.

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Don’t pack the laptop!

shutterstock_78074917More and more Britons are working on holiday

According to a recent survey by Regus, nearly 40% of UK employees are trying to keep up with work in their holidays, spending an enormous 3 hours a day slogging away at their laptops and smartphones when they should be sunbathing and relaxing.

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Implementing ERP is easy…

shutterstock_103702442Just as long as you don’t change your demands

When companies choose to either upgrade their ERP software, or install a whole new system, the process tends to be a lengthy one when dealing with huge corporations like SAP and Oracle.  Installation drags on and on, making the project run vastly over schedule.

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Top tips for shared services in Government

shutterstock_70819276Tip No. 6: Look for Innovation

Consider the latest technologies, consumer driven technologies like BYOD and social media along with clo8ud technologies are facilitating awe inspiring changes in the way we communicate and work. Mike Bracken the UK Government’s Digital Director at a recent Intellect conference said that public sector leaders often get het up with the size and complexity of technology within their operations.  He went on to say that technology was best kept simple and cited the example of Facebook managing 865M customers with only 3000 staff.

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