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Is it time Universities had an education in modern ERP systems?

shutterstock_102158008Higher Education has had a bit of a hard time recently, with cuts to its funding, increased student expectation, and pressure to deliver on research and innovation.  The last thing that they need is an outdated ERP system that can’t meet the demands made on them.

Many universities struggle with outdated processes when what they need is a single solution covering finance to procurement, and HR to student management.  It’s essential that they have a comprehensive system that is flexible enough to adapt to changing demands.

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Top tips for shared services in Government

shutterstock_81997078Tip No. 2: Do Look at the total cost of technology ownership

The implementation fees agreed in a contract with a technology vendor can often represent a fraction of the technology costs. Buyers must consider the ongoing lifetime costs of a technology solution because the business of government is unparalleled in terms of change; individual customers’ needs, new business processes, additional business units, spin-offs or compliance-driven change, all require significant, programming-level changes to systems. Give serious thought to how this may impact your technology requirements.

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Oracle – are changes imminent?

The spotlight’s been on Oracle in the past week for numerous reasons, and not primarily for its software…

Between Larry Ellison’s purchase of a Hawaiian island, and Keith Block’s resignation, the results of their fiscal fourth quarter has garnered the least interest.  Nevertheless, they seem better than expected – sales rose by 1%.

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