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Is the Cloud finally being blown away?

shutterstock_69769336In the recent article on it insinuates that cloud computing has reached its zenith. This notion comes from the fact that the cloud and cloud computing are declining as search items on Google.

The power of the cloud has long been a debated issue amongst analysts and industry experts, and this latest study will add fuel to the idea that it’s not a viable option for the long term, and its success has been a fad.

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Did the problems start when the Autonomy stopped?

Autonomy was one of the brightest stars of the British software world, offering software that has the ability to search ‘unstructured data’ like video and voicemails, yet since the takeover by HP just over six months ago, it has struggled to meet expectations, and close deals.

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The way we work has changed.

shutterstock_77883007How can your IT department support you more effectively?

Influenced by the increasing use of smartphones, tablets and high speed internet there is a growing number of employees that choose where they work, when and on what (mobile) device.  Social media has made working easier, as it’s dramatically increased the channels available to communicate.  This has helped to increase labour productivity.  But whilst this is all to the good, how can ICT support this more flexible way of working?

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Retail – Top tips for the sector to weather the downturn

shutterstock_61845886Today’s retailers need to cope with the increasing complexity both of fiscal and of legal requirements.  It’s more important than ever before for enterprises of all sizes to be completely informed about, and in control of, their finances.

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The implications of Social Media for employers and job hunters

shutterstock_91368188Having a presence on social networking sites like facebook, twitter and Linkedin is becoming more and more essential in today’s climate, for both job seekers, and employers.

Social networks allow people to find opportunities that are suited to them, and appropriate to their experience.  They enable people to enhance their career prospects, in a way that they have been unable to do before now.  It gives a greater degree of transparency, which isn’t present in traditional recruitment agencies or websites.  It provides potential employees with the chance to find out more about the company that they are applying to work for, and to see whether they have the skill set to meet the job.

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