Monthly Archives: April 2012

Latin America and Asia – but don't forget the West

shutterstock_69132217Focus on the newly emerging regions – but don’t abandon your traditional markets.

The West continues to struggle its way out of a downturn in the economy, with sales for many businesses being at an all time low.  However – there is a glimmer of hope in the emerging markets of Latin America, and the Asian economies.  Is it worth concentrating the majority of our efforts in this new sphere, and abandoning the selling patterns of the past?

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Is your ERP system hampering business?

Cloud computing and the increasing consumerisation of enterprise technology are two factors that are transforming ERP and enabling new ways for companies to interact with their staff, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Despite such advancements, ERP deployments are often left to grow old, moving from a business enabler delivering value, to a straitjacket holding the business back. In this post, we look at some of the some of the indications that an ERP system is hampering your business.

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